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”. Depending on the coil and power settings of your device, 50/50 vape liquids will produce a subtle to medium density vapour with good flavour and a subtle to medium throat.
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  • When you purchase e-liquid for your vape, you’ll notice some numbers written on the label.
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    PG has a molecular structure similar to ethylene glycol, the main ingredient in antifreeze.

  • The largest market share of PG is used by the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.
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    Because PG is thinner than VG and easier to vapourise, a 50/50 e-liquid doesn't require much power to turn into vapour.

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  • Though not always, PG tends to provide this nicotine-related throat sensation many vape-users prefer.
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    PG-heavy e-liquids have a strong throat hit.

  • PG e-liquids have been around for many years.
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    Inhalation of PG is safe for humans.

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