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. This week they were filming the Star Trek episodeThe Deadly Years,” and trying to imagine what William Shatner and Deforest Kelley, and others in the cast, would look like in the.
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  • Carolyn Nelson Sargent (born 1 September 1946; age 76) is the former actress who played "Yeoman Atkins" in the Star Trek: The Original Series second season episode "The Deadly Years".
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    The Deadly Years: Directed by Joseph Pevney.

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    Am I getting old?" This episode was innovative when it first aired, and fortunately, it has aged well.

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    Star Trek: The Original Series The Deadly Years.

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  • The pair had previously dated but split on amicable terms, and Wallace's brief return to the Enterprise allowed her to assist Dr.
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    On the left side you can see the original special e.

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    The Deadly Years” Written by David P.